error RT-SCVU101
error RT-SCVU101

Taxpayers have been facing Error RT-SCVU101 while saving the data in FORM GSTR3B. Error reads out

Something seems to have gone wrong while processing your request. Please try again. If error persists quote error number RT-SCVU101 when you contact customer care for quick resolution.

Reasons due to which this error number RT-SCVU101 arises

One possible reason for this error is that any amount in table 4 has been furnished in decimal. If data not furnished manually and imported through JSON with the help of any software or GSTN excel utility, then there can be chances that decimals are present in the values. So, removing decimal can be one solution for Error.

This error also arises when the net ITC in table 4 of GSTR3B- Eligible ITC is in negative due to the amount of ITC reversal being greater than ITC available. Making the amount of reversal equal to ITC available can solve the problem but then it may lead to non-compliance as the amount if ITC reversed is not being disclosed on the portal. So, if the amount involved is less and insignificant, taxpayers may proceed to file the return at their own risk.

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